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KoNu Hybrid is about combining two strong elements to create amazing results.

This program uses an evidence-based approach to tailor nutritional recommendations and training programs to each client's specific goals, experience, preferences and needs to ensure life-long, sustainable success.

It's all about YOU and YOUR body.

My goal is to educate clients on all things fitness & nutrition as it pertains to their personal health, wellness and physique goals. This means looking beyond the scale, pant size and mirror, and looking deeper into biofeedback, recognizing and addressing what the body is telling us through digestion, energy, hormones, mood, mental health, concentration, and the many elements that make up our health & wellness. The end result, is that each client will have both the knowledge and the confidence needed, to continue excelling on their own, even after working together.

Through my experience as a personal trainer, and through working with over 200 nutrition clients, I've seen first hand, the damage that mis-information in this industry can do to ones physical & mental health. I've seen the trap that so many have fallen victim to… and I'm on a mission to stop it. To empower people to lift, eat, and live a healthy, balanced life, to support relationships with food and experience, give a middle finger to diet culture "trends", and to provide education, so you never have to fall into a trap again.

There are NO cookie-cutter plans here.

Training plans through KoNu Hybrid are customized to you and considers mobility, stability, and eqimpment available (meaning you can use this in a gym, or at home!). Nutritional recommendations are written after a symptomatic assessment (to identify underlying imbalances), and take preferences, sensitivities and medical requirements into consideration.


What it includes


Without effective and appropriate nutrition protocols, your training alone won’t take you very far. 

Whether your goal is fat loss, reverse dieting, improving your relationship with food, more energy & vitality, improved body composition, or simply overall health, I'm here to help you achieve it!

Your nutrition protocols will be designed to suit your goals, needs, and preferences. Each nutrition variable will be closely monitored (weekly) and will be adjusted based upon your progress and individual biofeedback. Your nutrition protocols will not only be based on your goals but also your previous dieting history, current metabolic health, activity levels, preferences, health history, underlying imbalances, etc. 


Training programs are written into blocks (4-6 weeks) and are carefully crafted to suit your goals, needs, preferences, equipment, and schedule.

Whether you have full gym access or are working out from home; Hybrid has you covered. That’s the beauty of custom programming!

Your training protocols will always be based on your previous exercise experience, health history, injury history, goals, preferences, and equipment access. Additionally, a mobility, stability, and range of motion assessment will be completed prior to your program being written to take these elements into consideration and will be monitored throughout your training. You'll also have the ability to send exercise videos to be reviewed for form & technique purposes. 


The goal here is to ensure each client is able to maximize their potential by educating them through their own programming.

I am all about education and teaching rather than telling. Each client will gain a much further understanding of progressive exercise programming and personalized nutrition planning throughout their program, will have endless possibilities to ask questions and experiment with options, and weekly check-ins will grow understanding of biofeedback.

You will receive multiple "handbooks" and tips/tricks guides to further educate you on nutrition, training, and mental health. Hybrid clients also get access to all Kootenay Nutrition workshops and webinars (free and paid).


Is it for me?

If you thrive off education, individualized programming, and accountability, then Hybrid is for you.

Whether you’re looking to gain muscle, lose fat, build a healthy relationship with food and the gym, feel the best you've ever felt, or all of the above, you don’t have to do it alone! KoNu Hybrid is a program that will challenge you to level up your life both mentally and physically, address mindsets that have held you back in the past, and build confidence in both your knowledge and abilities.

Over the course of 12 or more weeks, you can explore and experience various training cycles, nutrition protocols, and structure types to help you achieve your goals and find what works for YOU.

This program is available to all genders, ages and abilities.

I'm looking for clients who are...

  • Motivated to show up and put in the work.

  • Enthusiastic about making a positive change in their life.

  • Will use our time working together for education/guidance, not just to get a program and be sent on their way.

  • Eager to learn new things and trust the process.

  • Ready to become more mindful of how their body (and mind) is feeling and can communicate this 

  • Willing to take responsibility for their challenges by identifying them and overcoming them.

  • Excited to take control of their health.

  • Prepared to transform their body and their mind.

  • Motivated to learn the necessary tools for
    long-term health and success.

  • Excited to make a true, sustainable changes!

Ready to get started?


What Clients Are Saying

In Nov. 2020 I finally made the decision to make some positive changes to my health. I had absolutely no idea how or where to start, after many conversations with Kelsey we decided that a structured meal plan would be the best way to go because of my job and the hours I work.
I set a goal to get to 200lbs by Aug 2021. In no time I was losing weight and feeling so much better than I had in months! In January I hired Kelsey as a personal trainer and committed to going 2 to 3 times a week including 1 training day. And now towards the end of Feb 2021 I've lost 23 lbs and going to the gym 3 to 5 times a week and I owe it all to Kelsey! I get weekly and sometimes daily check-ins and with all the questions I have, she has answers for all of them big or small. Because of her, I have learned how to enjoy eating healthy and regular exercise! I would highly recommend Kelsey to anyone looking to improve their health, she is definitely a game-changer!

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