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More about Kootenay Nutrition

My name is Kelsey Beamish.

I like long runs, lifting weights, baking, black coffee, tacos, and going on adventures with my daughter and my dog.

What started as a passion for nutrition blossomed into a career striving to help others and make a difference in the community.

I received my Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant designations from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2019 and have had the pleasure of helping over 200 clients become more mindful of food, support their relationships with food, achieve their weight & health goals, and educate them on the importance of nutrition.

I am also a Personal Training Specialist (CFP), Certified Running Coach & Marathon Running Coach (ASFP), Functional Movement Specialist (ALP), have completed PreScript Level 1, and am a Trauma-Informed Care Provider (AHS).

I am a firm believer that life needs balance. My dad raised me on the saying "everything in moderation" before I ever understood nutrition. We need our vegetables, but we can also enjoy cookies every once in a while.

I am an anti-diet Nutritionist and a diet culture drop-out. After being let astray many times with diet mentality, and after working through an eating disorder that was not allowing me to live my best life, I hope to teach others how harmful these ways can be, and how you can achieve nutrition, health, and wellness goals without them.

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